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Colour in the garden

rainbow gardenThe experts are unanimous: colour gives life to a garden, giving it a special atmosphere. A colour can soothe the mind or create excitement, but it rarely leaves you indifferent. Colours can be an incomparable way of expressing yourself. And, as with interior design, you can use colours boldly or with subtlety.


Of course, colours are not always the same in a garden. They change with the weather and from one season to another.

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Ferns in the garden. Garden plants to discover


Ferns are some of the oldest plants on Earth and grew in vast forests dating back to the primary era.

fernThey dominated the flora of the Carboniferous age (late primary era), some 350 million years ago. They therefore existed long before dinosaurs and flowering plants (150 million years ago). Some ferns from that time still exist, such as the royal fern, whose fossils have been found in rocks dated 200 million years old.

There are over 12,000 species of ferns whose genealogy goes back hundreds of millions of years, whereas it is rare to find fossils of animal species that are still living today. In plant evolution, ferns were the first plants to have had a vascular system.

Ferns are plants without flowers or seeds (cryptogams) as are algae, fungi, mosses or lichens.

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